Settlements Schedule

Hibernia Foreign Exchange Settlements Schedule

We must have received cleared funds and a Settlement report (if required) before the following cut off times in order for the payments to be processed in that particular run.

All times listed are in London time

Cut Off
1 9:30
2 11:45
3 14:00
4 16:30

We will start releasing payments within an hour of the cut off; delivery of payment is dependent on the currency and banking.

Cut Off Times

The following currencies can be sent for same day value, as long as we have received the sold currency prior to the listed cut-off time. If you are sending us currencies other than USD, EUR, GBP or CAD, delivery will be next day (All times London time)

Currency Currencycloud Cut-off Time
GBP, EUR, CAD 14:00
USD 16:30

* Please note: You must have settled the conversion and we must have cleared funds by the cut-off times stated above for the payments to be made on time.

All cut-offs below are for Priority (SWIFT) payment delivery the following day. (all times London time)

Currency Cut Off Time
AUD 14:00
BGN 14:00
CHF 16:30
CZK 16:30
DKK 16:30
HKD 14:00
HRK 14:00
HUF 16:30
JMD 14:00
JPY 14:00
KES 14:00
MXN 16:30
NOK 16:30
NZD 14:00
PLN 16:30
RON 14:00
SEK 16:30
SGD 14:00
TRY 16:30
UGX 14:00
ZAR 16:30

All cut-offs below are for Priority (SWIFT) Payment delivery within two business days (all times London time)

Currency Cut Off Time
AED 14:00
BHD 16:30
CNY 16:30
ILS 14:00
KWD 14:00
OMR 14:00
QAR 14:00
SAR 14:00
THB 16:30

Public Holidays will delay payments by 1 working day.

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